We categorize our agency’s core strengths in three areas: government relations, corporate strategy and law. While these competencies are not commonly offered at traditional consulting firms, they are the foundation of Crux Strategies. Proven by over five decades of experience, this tactical approach establishes our clients as meaningful and influential forces across both public and private sectors.


Challenges are welcome here. We know that the right path is often the most complex and challenging. That’s because two tactics matter most when it comes to making the right decision: maximize revenue and reduce risk. Our team excels at this need by offering clients a seamless approach for business, government relations, and legal solutions. We believe that because these fields are intimately related, it is paramount to have the right experts who are well-versed in each area.

For organizations and corporations alike, our path to success is very clear. We support our clients by tailoring an approach to each unique problem. Backed by a combination of strategic industry insights and paired with our rigorous methodology that delivers effective and measurable outcomes, our clients benefit from our unrivaled perspective and experience. The result is true economies of scale, speed to market & the resources to measure it.


Government Relations

Our team is focused on lobbying, issue management, and business development for companies and associations that engage in policy discussions in state and federal arenas. We offer multiple capabilities within government affairs and lobbying in order to advocate crucial public policy issues with elected officials. Our proven methodology advances the image of our clients with key decision makers and other statewide organizations through the following capabilities: government relations; government procurement and appropriations; issue management and marketing; and policy analysis.

Experience has taught us that in order to navigate the public sector,  you must remain relevant with policy makers. That’s how we never stop helping our clients anticipate, navigate, and succeed amid legislative and administrative shifts. We leverage our firsthand relationships and insight to craft and execute unrivaled government strategies. The result is a successful methodology that leads to legislative success.


We recognize that legal issues related to regulated businesses do not occur in a vacuum. Legal issues most often arise out of and in relation to business issues. When a company finds itself at a crossroad, our experienced attorneys and business professionals are adept at envisioning the necessary path that leads to the end result. To achieve this approach, our firm leverages its relationships with regional and national law firms, including Dickinson Wright, PLLC, a 140-year-old law firm with over 500 lawyers. This proven strategy provides clients with high-quality representation in the following areas: false claims act defense; STARK claims defense; healthcare-related business mergers and acquisitions; Healthcare-compliance, business restructuring; and outside general counsel.

Our legal experience allows our firm to be a powerhouse in the industry. We function in an integrated fashion to craft legal solutions that take into account strategic and operational opportunities and challenges for your business. By approaching each client differently, we are able to bring to bear highly-experienced attorneys and business professionals who navigate your legal issues in a holistic approach—ensuring future success for your company.  


We begin each compliance engagement by understanding the client’s business as well as their risk profile.  With this approach, we establish and improve compliance programs. We conduct compliance audits and support problem and issue resolution, staff education and training, and policy and procedure design and documentation. We help with proactively and objectively assessing current functions and development of remedies to address concerns quickly and efficiently. We also help with board development, including forming or improving audit/compliance committees and board education.

Our team of experts can assist you with internal or external compliance matters including investigations and disputes. Having served both in government as well as private and corporate settings, our team has deep experience in government investigations and dispute management. Understanding not only the process employed by the various government entities, but also how the people in charge of government investigations and corporations involved in disputes that impact your business is a key differentiator for Crux that drives optimal outcomes for our clients.

Weassist with due diligence for healthcare transactions.  This includes assessing compliance programs, conducting interviews, internal audits, reviewing external audits, and reviewing random, statistically significant samples of clinical and billing records.  Our team includes experts in operations, billing and coding to ensure our ultimate assessment is well-rounded.

We frequently work with our clients’ legal teams. In fact, we encourage coordination of our work with your legal team so that our clients may benefit from maintaining a privilege over our services whenever possible.